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Being one of Dublin’s most experienced and trusted family law solicitors in various aspects of Family Law, we offer legal advice, opinion, and law services in a wide range of areas.

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    Professional and Experienced Family Lawyers in Dublin, Ireland.

    Family Lawyer Dublin – Services

    We are a family law firm in Dublin, Ireland who offers legal advice and services related to all aspects of family law.

    With many years of experience, we have earned a place among the leading law firms in both private and public family law in dublin. At the family lawyer in dublin, we provide our clients with a professional, personalized, and seamless service with solution-driven family law advice.

    Our law solicitors are fully aware that the breakdown of a relationship or divorce is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. This can have severe effects on emotional stress as well as finances, property ownership, and the welfare of children.

    Therefore, we try to adopt a constructive and cooperative approach wherever possible for all our clients. We aim to make the processes as stress-free as possible.

    Family lawyer dublin –  Our Practice Areas

    We ensure professional and comprehensive law services by our experienced family law solicitors in Dublin. Here is a list of areas of family law that we act for our clients.

    Divorce & Separation​

    Grandparent Rights​

    Child Custody​

    Domestic Violence​

    Marriage/Civil Unions​

    Adoption & Surrogacy​

    Property Settlements​


    Divorce Lawyer Dublin
    Experienced Family Law Solicitor!

    Family lawyer dublin Ireland || Experienced Family Law Solicitor!

    We are renowned as one of the leading firms of solicitors in Dublin. Our team of family law solicitors is backed by years of experience in several aspects of the law. They are capable of offering a friendly but professional service approach to all our clients.

    Professional and Experienced Family law solicitors Dublin, Ireland.

    Family law solicitors dublin

    Family law is different from other law services as it involves human emotions that impact both parties. And when someone goes through this situation, they need honest and practical advice or solutions from experienced lawyers. This is exactly what you can expect from our solicitors.

    We’ll guide you throughout this process to achieve the best outcome for you and your family. Here at the family lawyer in Dublin, all our solicitors are committed to offering the highest standards of legal advice and expertise to all our clients in a professional, empathic, and friendly manner.

    So, if you require any help in your family law case, you can contact our experienced family law solicitors.

    Professional and Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Dublin, Ireland.

    Divorce lawyer dublin

    Divorce is a process that is never pleasant in itself: no matter how much the couple agrees to get separated. The situation becomes more painful when the divorce involves a long discussion about children and assets. Therefore, most people just wanted to get it done as soon as possible without any further hassle.

    In this case, it’s essential to be aware of who would be better for your legal services, legal aid, legal separation, and even court hearings. Only your family law solicitor in dublin can make the proper arrangements for your divorce decree hassle-free and give you advice on what family law services are available.

    So, please feel free to contact our specialist family solicitor for a confidential chat.

    Important Terms Related To Family Law.

    There are many terms in family law that we don’t hear in our regular life. Here are some glossaries related to family law, which you may hear many times during your case hearing or from your solicitors. So, the following glossaries will help you to get what the term exactly implies. 

    Family Law:

    Family law deals with divorce, parenting arrangements, adoption, guardianship of a child, spousal support, child abuse, and domestic issues.

    Domestic Violence:

    It includes physical, sexual, intimidation, harassment,  threats, financial abuse, stalking, psychological or emotional abuse of a family member.


    This term implies a void or voidable marriage that is declared “voided” pursuant to Sections 11 and 12 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.


    A guardian is responsible for the child’s care and upbringing. A parent can be added or removed as a guardian by agreement or court order.

    Parenting assessment

    A report prepared by a family justice counselor, social worker, or authorized person by a judge to determine the best living situation for a child.

    Dispute Resolution:

    It includes family justice counselors, mediators, lawyers, parenting coordinators, and others who can help you to resolve a family law dispute.

    Collaborative Law:

    Here you and your lawyer, and your former spouse and his/her lawyer agree in writing to resolve family law disputes outside the court.

    No-Fault Divorce

    Here the parties don’t require proving guilt or grounds outside of showing irreparable dissolution or unresolved differences in the marriage.

    Foster Parent

    A person who takes care of a child, usually for a limited time, without being the child’s legal parent.  

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