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The family lawyer Dublin has one of the best divorce solicitors who’ll take you through the process in an understanding and proactive manner.

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    Divorce Solicitors Services – Divorce lawyer Dublin

    When a couple decides to live apart or break down their marriage or relationship, they need to go through a legal process. This helps the parties to plan their new future apart actively.

    Generally, divorce and separation throw up so many things to consider; for example, who will have custody of the children, how will we divide up our assets, will we keep or sell the family home, etc., etc. So, if you’re considering a divorce, our expert family law and divorce lawyer Dublin, can help you in this entire process.

    We know the legal process often seems complicated during a difficult time. Therefore, the family law solicitors in Dublin are here to take you through the process in a cooperative, understanding, and proactive manner. Here at the family lawyer Dublin, we aim to offer clear, practical, and cost-effective advice to all our clients.

    Our Practice Areas

    Family Lawyer Dublin is always by your side to guide you through the different areas related to divorce. So, here are the areas we are experts at-


    Judicial Separation

    Separation Agreements


    The Family Home

    Custody, access and guardianship issues

    Pension rights on separation and divorce

    Succession rights on death

    Tax implications on marriage breakdown

    The non-marital family


    Recognition of foreign divorces


    How Do We Serve Clients As A Divorce Lawyer Firm In Dublin, Ireland?

    At the family lawyer Dublin, we always listen to our client’s needs first with empathy and ensure you have a divorce solicitor with the right experience and approach for your needs.

    We are always issue-focused and look forward to finding practical and cost-effective solutions for our client’s divorce proceedings. In family law Dublin, we’ll do our best to reach a fair settlement through negotiations or, if necessary, through the courts. We will fight in your favor but always try to put the child’s interests first.

    As a divorce law firm, we ensure to minimize the emotional and financial cost of your divorce, consider issues involving your children, for example, where they live and how much time they will spend with each of you. In addition, we’ll also work on the financial issues arising from your separation and possible divorce and the options for resolving issues, e.g., mediation.

    Family Law Solicitors Dublin Free Consultation

    Why not schedule a free consultation with our family law solicitors? Discuss your case and get advice from our team of expert family lawyers in Dublin.

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