What Are The Top 3 Reasons For Divorce?

According to the CDC, there are 7,46,971 divorces per year in the United States, which means a divorce rate of 2.7 per 1,000 population. In fact, the number of divorces worldwide is increasing day by day.

Actually, people get divorced for a variety of reasons, and a number of factors influence the decision of getting a divorce. While practicing family law at Family lawyer Dublin, and after years of research we have found that there are generally three common reasons for divorce.

Now, you may be wondering what are the top 3 reasons for divorce? Well, you will get the answer in this guide. So, to know in detail, let’s dive in.

What Are The Top 3 Reasons For Divorce?

What Are The Top 3 Reasons For DivorceThere are some traits in a partner that force the other one to seek divorce as he/she doesn’t cope with the partner at all. When couples feel that they have given their all to their relationship, but now there is nothing left in this relationship, they can finally come to the conclusion that it is time to end their marriage.

So, what are the reasons that make couples think this way? Let’s find out what are the top 3 reasons for divorce from this section.

According to a survey by NCBI, the following three are the most common reasons for divorce.

1. Lack of Commitment (75%)

Although marriage serves as the ultimate commitment for a couple, there are some marriages where it lacks. And it plays the most important role in breaking up a marriage.

When there is no commitment between the two partners, it becomes very difficult to save that marriage. In fact, there is no chance left to make the relationship better. Thus, divorce is the ultimate solution for the couple.

2. Infidelity or Adultery (59.6%)

The second most obvious reason for getting a divorce is adultery or infidelity. When it comes to adultery extra-marital affairs often come first. The American Psychological Association found that 20 to 40% of marriage breaks down in the United States due to infidelity.

3. Conflict/Argument (57.7%)

Constant conflict and argument are some of the biggest reasons to kill a relationship. When a marriage breaks down due to frequent conflicts or endless arguments, it is often the case that the dispute wasn’t resolved peacefully or effectively. In fact, the anger got worse over time.

One of the main reasons for this increased and uncontrollable argument is the lack of communication. Which results in lost feelings of positive connection for the partner and mutual support.

Several studies have identified these three as the biggest reasons for divorce. But apart from these, there are many other common reasons for divorce. For example,

1. Getting Married Too Young

The age of marriage has changed drastically over the past 50 years. Surprisingly, 45.1% of couples get a divorce because they are not prepared for marriage and are too young to get married.

2. Financial Problems

There is a saying that “money makes people funny.” And this money can be the cause of the failure of your marriage. Usually, financial problems contribute to increasing tension and stress among the couple. When the couple is not on the same page financially (with different financial habits) and fails to handle the money together, issues between them can be terrible.

If one person is a spendthrift and the other is a saver, problems can arise when trying to decide where your paychecks go. A study found that financial incompatibility is the “final straw” reason for causing almost 41% of divorce.

3. Substance Abuse Or Domestic Violence

This is a sad reality of our society that still there are 34.6% of divorces caused due by physical or emotional abuse and 12.1% due to substance abuse.

While women and children are the most victimized, both the husband and wife can be the abuser, and this is a big area of concern for so many couples. However, regardless of the cause of the abuse, no one should tolerate abuse and everyone should safely remove themselves from that toxic relationship.

4. Health Problems

The research found that “illnesses can be detrimental to a marriage.” The reason behind this is, due to illness debt, pain, and loss of self can be increased. This may result in one partner being unable to bear the cost and some couples failing to deal with that.

5. Lack Of Support From Family

When it comes to having a great married life, family support is one of the most crucial aspects. In fact, as per studies, the risk of divorce decreases by 20% if a husband can maintain a close relationship with his in-laws. On the other hand, if a wife gets really close to the husband’s family and fails to maintain her boundaries the risks of divorce increase.

6. Religious Differences

When both husband and wife come from the same religion, the problem is not that intense. But, differences in religion often causes resentment between them as their culture, ethnicity, belief, etc. are different from each other.

7. Addiction

A true fact is marriage and addiction often don’t mix at all, as this can have a serious impact on a relationship. And this is applicable to any type of addiction. Addiction does not only have an abusive effect on the spouse, it often leaves devastating emotional scars on children, close relatives, and friends also.

8. Lack Of Physical Intimacy Or Absence Of Romance

When there is a lack of physical intimacy and an absence of romance in the relationship between husband and wife, naturally, no one feels connected to each other. And this is one of the major reasons to ruin a marriage, as this feeling leaves a couple to feel they are living with a stranger.

9. Difference In Priorities

A lot of men and women stated that the difference in priorities between married couples becomes a major problem for many marriages. For example, if one couple wants to have a child and the other person won’t, this may create intense conflict between them. And this way, with all the differences, the ultimate result be divorce.

For example, if one partner wants to have a child and the other does not, it can lead to intense conflict between them. And so, gradually the ultimate result of monogamous marriage can be divorce because of all the differences.

10. Lack of Equality

When a partner feels that he or she is taking more responsibility in the same marriage, and the other person doesn’t, it can change their attitude toward the other person and cause resentment. And this resentment is one of the major factors to end a marriage.

Every relationship and marriage is unique and the reasons for getting a divorce are also different. We have shared the most common reasons which lead most couples to take the decision of getting a divorce and moving on.

Final Thought

Divorce is not about only two people, there are so many other relations and factors related to it. Therefore, every couple should give a second chance to their marriage before jumping into the divorce process.

If you find that your marriage is broken down irretrievably and there is no chance of living together as before, divorce is the ultimate solution then. So, that’s all for this guide which shows “what are the top 3 reasons for divorce?”

We hope you find this guide useful. You can share your thoughts or queries with us by commenting below. Also, if required you can contact us for any relevant help.

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