What Is the Average Cost of Divorce in Ireland?

As family law solicitors in Dublin, we often get asked a common question by our clients is, “what is the average cost of divorce in Ireland.”

The reason behind this is, costing is a key factor for almost all our clients. In fact, for some clients, costing is one of the biggest obstacles. But the fact is, there isn’t any straightforward answer to this question. There are many factors involved in determining the cost of divorce.

So, if you are someone who is thinking about getting a divorce but confused about the cost as well, keep on reading this guide to clear up your confusion.average Cost of Divorce

Factors That Influence The Divorce Cost

Actually, the fact is, the main determinant of the divorce cost is both the parties. If they can agree on the terms mutually with the help of mediators or their lawyers, the time and legal cost will be much less than a contested divorce.

Apart from that, there are some other considerations, which lead the cost to get higher. So, let’s have a look at those factors.

  • The skills, location, size, and reputation of the solicitor you choose for your case.
  • Special knowledge of the solicitor and the number of staff required for your case.
  • If your case is much more complicated, for example, if there are any doubts about the validity of your marriage
  • If your case requires a large financial disclosure request and review
  • If you have to pay a lot more trips to the court. It will, of course, depend more on the party.
  • The total amount of time it takes to finalize your case is a consideration.
  • Are you settling the case inside the court or outside?
  • When you fail to disclose your assets and liabilities in front of the court. These may include your bank accounts, shares, pensions, etc.
  • If your opponent fails to respond to court proceedings due to neglecting the correspondence and court proceedings.
  • If the amount of documentation in your case is large, the solicitors will require more time to complete it.
  • Do you have minor children?
  • Are there any issues related to child protection and welfare?
  • If your child needs a specialist, report from a psychologist, play therapist, or other psychologist or psychiatrist for the divorce process.
  • Is your case required in any accountant’s report?
  • Is there any disagreement between the two parties about the agreement?

What Is the Average Cost of Divorce in Ireland?

What Is the Average Cost of Divorce in IrelandIf you can come to a mutual agreement and can manage the entire divorce process without involving any legal representative, you may end up in your divorce paying less than €200 each.

But, if you hire a lawyer or solicitor, then you will need to pay higher. So what is the average cost of divorce in Ireland? Well, here are some situations that will help you to get an idea about the cost.


Many lawyers provide a one-hour consultation session to discuss the case. In this one hour, they listen to the issues, evaluate all the options, and then provide you with the best possible solutions. While you can have family law solicitors Dublin free consultation, again, some lawyers charge about €250 for this one-hour session.

Straightforward Divorce

It is an agreed term process, where both the parties come to an agreement and agree on all the terms, and the court essentially signs off on the agreement to settle the case mutually. So to get the judicial separation or divorce in an uncontested way, the divorce will cost between €2,000 and €4,000 in Ireland.

Contested Divorce

For a contested judicial separation, where there is no agreement between both the parties and includes more complications, the cost will be between €7,500 and €20,000+. The price usually depends on the complexity of financial issues, both party’s custody position, money transfer, etc.

Notices of Motion and Interim Court Orders

Bringing notices of motion, interim court orders, and other applications is a common thing in divorce cases.  In that case, it will add an extra cost to the final cost of divorce. And the cost will vary between €750 plus and  €2,500, including the barrister’s fees also.

Pension Adjustment Order

You need to get a pension adjustment order from the court if both parties have a pension (or pensions). In this process, some extra work will be required as well as separate court attendance, which results in incurring an additional fee.

So, in this case, the cost will be €1,000 per order. The cost will increase if the process includes complex pension, as this may need to involve the barrister fee also.

Final Verdict

Divorce is not a cheap option; each party needs to spend a handsome amount. When you first meet a solicitor, he or she will give you an estimation of the total cost. After that, the price may increase based on the total time spent on your case, solicitor’s cooperation, the agreement between both the parties, etc.

We have shared how the cost varies in different situations. We hope you get the answer for what is the average cost of divorce in Ireland. So, this is the end of this guide; if you have any further queries regarding divorce cases, you can contact us. Also, you can share your thoughts regarding this topic by commenting below.

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